The new hybrid

Knowing its customers’ requirements exactly, Grothe searches constantly for new developments. The new ENGOSYN®-R product is an engobe that is normally supplied, like all other Grothe engobes, in powder form, but can also be provided on request in a ready-to-use state.

And by adding only water, ENGOSYN®-R is processed on site into a slurry that is as easy to handle during the subsequent processing as conventional engobes. Thanks to the special recipe, however, rustic-style effects are formed on the fired clinker surface that could previously be obtained only by the scattering of powders. In its ‘wet’ application, this product variant has the advantage of not creating any dust whatsoever during processing. This means that existing production systems can be used without modification. With Engosyn®-R, many sanded and/or rustic-style looks can be produced with a high-quality, abrasion-resistant surface.

Following an intensive development phase and the production of hand samples, the first highly positive reactions from the industry led ultimately to the decision to present this new Grothe product to a large circle of customers at the trade fair.